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We are a trusted marketing partner for most leading global brands and ICT providers. Working for over 35 years in this industry, it enables us to understand each and every brand’s distinctive way of doing business.

With our India-centric approach, we offer unparalleled support to companies to help them gain connections with different sellers and stores. This network of us includes thousands of Value Added Resellers, System Integrators, ICT resellers and Online Trading Partners. If you join hands with Savex, you gain a competitive edge and can reach a bigger audience and establish your brand with a bigger client base. Let’s work together to unlock these new possibilities, and grow your brand further!

Our Partners

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Our Partners

Savex possesses an extensive network of over 8,500 registered dealers spanning across 1000 cities nationwide. Our diverse client base ranges from corporate resellers and value-added resellers to SMB resellers, retailers and E-tailers. Backed by 42 stock locations and 107 sales offices, we offer specialized services catering to project configurations and pre-sale assistance and other individual requirements. Our flexibility, adaptability and dependable logical solutions have earned us the support and appreciation from both, resellers and E-tailers.

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